TOP 7 Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets 2021 – Motorcyclist Lifestyle

TOP 7 Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets 2021 – Motorcyclist Lifestyle

top 7 best textile motorcycle jackets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle

having the ideal motorcycle equipment in their arsenal is every biker’s dream in 2021. one of the most important items for motorcycle riders is their motorcycle jacket. a good motorcycle jacket immensely enhances the looks of the rider and the bike. it is surely the main wearable highlight while riding a motorcycle. textile jackets are also another type of motorcycle jackets available on the market today.

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various factors come into play while one looks to invest in motorcycle jackets. this is because several jacket types are available as options on the market. however, our brief overview of the benefits of textile motorcycle jackets might give you some ideas.

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list of the top 7 textile motorcycle jackets

best textile motorcycle jacket reviews 2021

alpinestars t-gp pro textile jacket review

it looks as though another alpinestars jacket of their t-gp series made it to the list of best textile motorcycle jackets. well, i may be stating the obvious but alpinestars is one of the leading brands of motorcycle riding gear, which takes special measures in designing stylish and protective jackets that are equipped with several features for riding in comfort.

and the alpinestars t-gp pro textile jacket is one of them. this is one of the main reasons that alpinestars made it on another list of best motorcycle jackets presented by motorcyclist lifestyle.

this time, it was possible because of the t-gp pro textile jacket, which, by the way, is a race-inspired jacket constructed from a highly durable and abrasion-resistant 450/600 denier poly-fabric that is recognized for long-lasting performance.

the poly-fabric comfort textile is a good replacement for leather to wear in extremely hot weather. plus, you will also see a removable interior thermal liner with a pocket in this jacket, which is an added benefit when wearing in cold weather.

note: for convenient storage, the jacket and liner share an identical pocket layout.

if we talk about rider protection, then alpinestars did a really great job of equipping the jacket with removable and adjustable lightweight ce certified bio elbow and shoulder protectors that offer top-notch impact protection and safety during races.

also, is included the abrasion-resistant and additional protection of the alpinestars dynamic friction shield (dfs) external protectors. the chest and back pad compartments have pe foam padding.

note: – ce certified nucleon protectors are available as an additional accessory.

with all this protection in the shoulders, elbows, chest, and back, the jacket does not feel heavy because all of the protection is perforated and securely housed in mesh compartments.

these mesh compartments offer better internal airflow. speaking of airflow, the zippered air vents in the alpinestars t-gp pro jacket are localized in the chest area to give personalized and adjustable levels of airflow. and the full-mesh lining boosts the garment’s complete airflow capabilities in the t-gp pro textile jacket.

now let’s see, what it has to offer for weather protection?

as we discussed, the removable full-sleeve thermal liner of the t-gp pro jacket makes it quite useful to wear in the winter. and the mesh garments and zippered vents in the chest area will increase the internal airflow. on top of that, the waterproof internal pockets will keep your important stuff safe and dry in the rain.

so, give or take, we can say that the t-gp pro textile jacket is suitable for riding any time of the year.

and what is left is to discuss the fit?

is it comfortable enough to wear all year?

well, we believe this is the “one” jacket that you can wear riding anytime and anywhere. it doesn’t matter how long.

and why do we say this?

it is because alpinestars strategically positioned accordion poly-fabric stretch inserts above the elbows and shoulders, which provide an excellent fit. velcro brand closures, d-ring waist adjustments, and zipped wrist cuff closures allow plenty of adjustments for a perfect customized fit.

and you won’t find any moisture in the neck area thanks to the moisture-wicking poly-fabric textile on the collar.

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so, overall, we believe this is “the one.” if you are planning to participate in some big racing competition or riding on racetracks quite often, then the alpinestars t-gp pro textile jacket is the one that gives you class-leading impact protection and weather protection for riding any time of the year. you will even find it useful to wear while riding in the night.

alpinestars t-gp pro textile jacket

alpinestars t-gp pro textile jacket

pros: dynamic friction shield (dfs) external protectors, constructed from 450/600 denier poly-fabric, ce certified bio elbow and shoulder protectors, velcro® brand closures


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dainese super speed textile jacket review

if you are into sports riding and looking for a textile jacket to wear during the summer, then the dainese super speed textile jacket will be perfect for you. it is the combination of innovation and ergonomic pro-level racing features that are included in a textile summer sport riding jacket.

the dainese super speed jacket is constructed from a combination of textile and mesh to create a lightweight motorcycle jacket that has the protection of heavy leather and a dynamic fit to wear in warmer conditions.

the dainese super speed jacket consists of composite protectors, which are certified to en 1621.1/97 standards. there are only a few motorcycle jackets available on the market, in the textile format, that have aluminum inserts on the shoulders. plus, you will get the g1 and g2 back protectors and pockets for the thorax chest protector.

so, we believe the protection level is world-class. ce certified shoulder and elbow armor, as well as dainese’s back and chest protectors, will give you crash protection without compromising fit and comfort.

the fabric is also top-notch: duratex fabric, boomerang fabric, inserts in elasticized fabric, and perforated fabric.

it is also equipped with a removable windproof insert and a jacket-trousers style fastening system.

the fit is not an issue with the dainese super speed textile jacket. you can even adjust the neck, wrist, and waist to achieve your perfect fit.

dainese super speed textile jacket

dainese super speed textile jacket

pros: aluminium inserts on the shoulders, inserts in elasticated fabric, composite protectors certified to en 1621.1/97 standard, reflective inserts

cons: a little expensive

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joe rocket atomic 5.0 textile jacket review

the joe rocket atomic 5.0 jacket is much better than the previous version. this is the “one” multi-season textile motorcycle jacket that incorporates more functionality while retaining the same cool style. it has a combined waterproof-treated rock tex and hitena outer shell for maximum impact resistance that, by the way, comes with an integrated dual closure main zipper and a storm flap that will keep you dry, no matter what.

the joe rocket atomic 5.0 jacket has redesigned the ventilation system with the following: 1. a variable flow ventilation system with waterproof zippers and 2. cross-linked ventilation with wind tunnel cooling. so, forget about the excessive heat in warm weather because you will not feel any.

plus, the removable additional full sleeve thermal liner has already been available on the atomic 5.0 for riding in colder weather.

the ce approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, and the removable spine pad with a pocket for optional armor ensures that you have abrasion and crash protection.

this is a 4-season high-visibility jacket, which has a 6-point sure-fit custom adjustment system that ensures your personalized fit. on top of that, you can have all this at an affordable price. in fact, that’s another plus point of joe rocket’s atomic 5.0 textile jacket, which available at hundreds of dollars less than some of the other jackets.

joe rocket atomic 5.0 textile jacket

joe rocket atomic 5.0 textile jacket

pros: ce approved armor in shoulders and elbows, variable flow ventilation system, full flex articulated back expansion panels, maximum impact resistance

cons: less airflow

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viking cycle ironborn textile jacket review

viking cycle is like a “dark horse” in the list of best textile motorcycle jackets. it may not have all world-class features and technology but what it does provide is worth every single penny you spend on it.

it is constructed from a waterproof-treated rock tex 600 shell and next-generation liner technology that is not only removable but also fully sleeved and highly insulated for the cold weather.

when it comes to protection, it is remarkable. we couldn’t believe that this jacket has this much to offer in the category of protection. for hundreds of dollars less, you will get removable c.e. approved armor in the shoulder and elbow, and removable spine armor with a pocket for an optional c.e. spine protector.

it has an all-new ventilation system, which allows cool air to flow into the jacket and removes hot air from inside the jacket. on top of that, the waterproof zippers will make sure you won’t get wet in the rain.

so, we can say this is a very good 3-season motorcycle jacket. if you also ride at, night then the reflective strips will increase the visibility. apart from this, viking cycle added plenty of pockets in this ironborn jacket to safely carry your stuff like keys, mobile, tablet, money, and wallet.

well, we believe this is truly a viking cycle jacket that will save you a lot of money.

oh, yeah! one more thing.

if you use headphones while riding, then the viking cycle ironborn has a headphone system that allows your headphones from the pocket to pass through the collar and into your ears.

isn’t that great?

viking cycle ironborn textile jacket

viking cycle ironborn textile jacket

pros: removable spine armor w/pocket, 6 point sure fit custom adjustable system, rock tex 600 advanced outer shell, added headphone system


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speed and strength off the chain 2.0 jacket review

speed & strength off the chain 2.0 motorcycle jacket is for cruiser riders who are looking for something that provides abrasion resistance, breathability, and class-leading comfort for them all day long.

and that’s certainly what this jacket offers. it is totally different from other motorcycle textile jackets available on the market and yet quite similar to the top-class jackets that come with the capability to ride in comfort.

off the chain 2.0 is an all-round motorcycle jacket, which may seem casual at first but when you look closely you will learn that it contains all the moto-centric protection and features that you were hoping for.

for starters, speed & strength off the chain 2.0 is constructed from an ar-600 frame that keeps water and wind at bay. this jacket is equipped with removable vault ce-approved protection for the elbows, shoulders, and spine to keep you safe from heavy impacts and minimize the damage as much as possible from a crash.

the four vents in this all-black jacket increase the airflow inside and perform very well to keep you cool. it includes speed-zip ventilation. plus, as we said, you can use the removable hooded liner, which, by the way, is made of cotton-poly, as you see fit. there are plenty of pockets in the front along with a concealed pocket, which you can use to keep your stuff safe.

at lastly, the fit?

well, this area is also well covered by speed & strength by providing a lockdown waist adjuster, shoulder expansion gussets, and microfiber-lined collar and cuffs for a personalized fit.

speed & strength off the chain 2.0

speed & strength off the chain 2.0

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pros: water resistant ar-600 frame, c.e. approved shoulder and elbow protectors, c.e. approved spine protector, speed zip controlled ventilation

cons: not suitable for summer riding

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alpinestars t-gp r air textile jacket review

it is often seen that when one needs all-around protection that riders will switch to the textile motorcycle jacket. it is because textile motorcycle jackets provide excellent weather protection, which is absent in a leather motorcycle jacket. yeah! it is true that none offer the best abrasion-resistant properties, but it is a perfect insulator and it also doesn’t change the fact that it will also protect you from the rain. for all-weather protection, the textile jackets are best.

in fact, many big motorcycle gear manufacturers are giving a lot of thought to the abrasion property of textile motorcycle jackets. for example, alpinestars – a leading motorcycle jacket manufacturer created the t-gp r air textile motorcycle jacket, which was inspired by the alpinestars leather sports jackets.

form-wise, functionality-wise, and style-wise – the alpinestars t-gp r air is one textile jacket that incorporates the same functionality and form as the alpinestars leather jacket but with the capability for summer riding.

it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding in extremely hot temperatures; the alpinestars t-gp r air is equipped with the durable 450 denier polyester fabric, which incorporates strategically placed mesh panels to provide an abrasion-resistant, fully ventilated chassis that holds the removable ce-certified elbow and shoulder protectors.

but that’s not all! to ensure you are ready for your moto-gp ride, it is also equipped with pockets for chest and back protectors. “it is said that you should never expose any part of your body while riding.” if you are exposed, you’re vulnerable!

thus, to protect the rider from heavy impacts and to enhance the abrasion-resistant property of the jacket, alpinestars equipped it with the alpinestars pu shoulder sliders, which offer additional abrasion resistance in key impact

as we mentioned, the strategically positioned mesh panels offer great ventilation while riding. the cool air passes through these mesh panels to the upper part of the rider and exhausts the hot air from inside the jacket at the same time. this full airflow system allows the rider to travel great distances, even during the hot summer.

alpinestars t-gp r air also facilitates a removable windproof liner, which can be put to good use when riding against a strong wind. also, if you are ever caught in heavy rain then you can keep your personal possessions safe and dry in an inner waterproof pocket.

alpinestars designed the t-gp r air for many reasons. one of them is for gp-racing. to ensure that a rider won’t lose the abrasion resistance if falling on his/her leather motorcycle jacket, it added the tpu shoulders in the jacket with chest, back, shoulder and elbow protectors.

but, that’s not all!

the protectors are just the beginning. alpinestars constructed pre-curved sleeves on the t-gp r air to ensure the rider stays as comfortable as possible. furthermore, to help the rider move easily while cornering the motorcycle it added large accordion-style stretch panels.

in short, the sole purpose of designing the alpinestars t-gp r air is to offer the same level of protection and functions as a leather jacket without losing the style and features. it is one true textile motorcycle jacket that is worth checking out. or, even better, buy it and use it to ride.

the jacket has some other small features like reflective inserts for higher visibility during night riding, a ring waist adjustment system for a more personalized fit, and two external zipped pockets, among others.

alpinestars t-gp r air jacket

alpinestars t-gp r air jacket

pros: 450 denier polyester fabric, alpinestars pu shoulder sliders, inner waterproof pocket, removable windproof liner

cons: not suitable for winter riding

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icon contra textile jacket review

the icon contra is a textile motorcycle jacket that was created to keep riders cool and safe when the heat is on. the specialty of the icon contra textile jacket is its nylon textile chassis that made it one of the best textile jackets available at this time. the jacket has a street-based design, which offers ventilated mesh panels for optimal cooling.

among motorcyclists, seasonal riding is very popular, especially summer riding when summer finally arrives and the sun is shining. all we desire is to start the engine and head out on the road. but it is not easy to tolerate hot, sunny days when you are exposed to hot temperatures. thus, to ensure you receive optimal airflow, icon equipped the jacket with ventilated mesh panels that allow cool air to pass through panels to the rider’s upper body.

the mesh panels of the contra jacket are stitched into a durable nylon textile chassis that offers abrasion resistance. in the event that the rider falls from the bike, it offers abrasion resistance so no harm comes to the rider. beneath the textile chassis is icon’s ce-approved field armor that provides impact protection to the rider on both the street and the track. the ce-approved armor is available for the elbows and the shoulders. the field armor in the elbows and shoulders is totally removable, so if you are riding on the streets and don’t want to carry the extra weight, you can remove the armor from the elbows and shoulders. the icon contra textile jacket also has a removable dual-density foam back pad to provide protection for your back.

apart from this, the icon contra textile jacket offers internal zippered pockets to keep your belongings safe and secure.

safety is important when riding a motorcycle. we all agree on this! but feeling uncomfortable when you ride while wearing a leather motorcycle jacket in the summer is not safe. so, it is wise to switch to the textile motorcycle jacket, which has mesh panels to provide cooling and armor padding to ensure you are safe. and the icon contra textile motorcycle jacket is one that won’t only keep you cool but also offers excellent abrasion protection as well. on top of that, the jacket is available at an affordable price with all the essential features you need while riding during the hot season. besides, the sturdy construction, style, and lightness of the icon contra motorcycle jacket are hard to resist!

icon contra textile jacket

icon contra textile jacket

pros: ventilated mesh panels, durable nylon textile chassis, ce-approved field armour, removable dual-density foam back pad

cons: not suitable for winter riding

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benefits of textile motorcycle jackets

as previously mentioned, various factors come into play when buying a motorcycle jacket. however, the worry is minimized with the plethora of benefits the textile jackets provide. here are some of the benefits in detail.

comfort & flexibility

comfort is possibly the main concern for anyone looking to buy a motorcycle jacket. while buying, the users must keep in mind that a jacket with a snug fit is what they should be looking for. although a leather jacket provides a softer touch, due to its heavier feel on the body, it loses to the textile jacket. textile motorcycle jackets are very light and provide more flexibility for the biker.

lightness & mobility

this mainly depends on the riding style of the biker. bikers who tend to travel regularly should always choose textile jackets as they provide long-distance comfort. these jackets are also windproof, hence enable the biker to ride at good speeds as well.

trendy style & design

looks are another aspect a rider looks at when buying a motorcycle jacket. textile jackets have proven to provide a modern look for the rider. however, many factors like color and material can change the looks of the textile jacket.

safety & crash protection

although, the textile motorcycle jacket type loses in this category with leather jackets offering better protection. however, some textile jackets do beat some leather jackets in terms of protection. various factors like the thickness of the leather come into play here.

rain & wind protection

textile jackets are great for use in any weather conditions. these jackets survive in the summer heat and even in the rain. in fact, some textile jackets come with a 100% waterproof and sunlight proof technology for the bikers. they are also durable in windy conditions as previously mentioned above.

good value for money

this mainly depends on the brand value and the material used for the textile jacket. textile jackets made from high-quality materials from reputed brands are generally very costly. however, in general, this jacket type is substantially less costly when compared to the other types.


choosing a motorcycle jacket in 2021 can be a tough task for motorcycle riders. this is due to a variety of jacket types available on the market right now. however, the above reviews should help you understand more and get an idea of the textile motorcycle jacket types and finding the one that suits the best for you. this jacket type provides various attributes like comfort, lightweight technology, weather durability, value for money, and many more features as discussed above.

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