Top LED Lighting Upgrades for the 2014-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Since its debut in 1993, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been a staple in American driveways. The modern Grand Cherokee’s blend of style, comfort, efficiency, and off-road prowess makes it one of the leading family SUVs on the market, and there are no signs of a slow-down.  

With every year, the Grand Cherokee gets better and better. From the powertrain to the interior, it can be hard to find a flaw. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement with the stock lighting! Jeep still utilizes outdated incandescent bulbs for the majority of the +61404532026 Grand Cherokees lighting. These bulbs are hardly a match for the 21st-century look and performance of today’s Grand Cherokee. Fortunately, that yellow-ish color temperature and lackluster light output is easily remedied with Diode Dynamics LED bulb replacements! 


Scroll down to learn more about the top 4 LED lighting upgrades for the +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

Diode Dynamics LED Fog Light Bulbs

Whether serving as a family hauler or a trail rig (or both!), our H11-size SLF and SL1 LED Fog Light Bulbs  are a must-have for the +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Don’t settle for cheap LED bulbs from Amazon or eBay that may be prone to failure! Our SL1 and SLF LED Fog Light Bulbs are 100% designed and manufactured right here in St. Louis for maximum reliability. For the +61404532026 Grand Cherokee, our LED Fog Lights are a drop-in upgrade!

Top LED Lighting Upgrades for the +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee

SLF LED Fog Light Bulbs

SLF: Our H11-size SLF LED Fog Lights provide 780 lab-proven lumens. While there are other companies that claim to have fog light bulbs with a brighter output, they don’t take into account the importance of focus. The SLF was engineered and extensively tested to mimic the focal point of your Cherokee’s halogen fog lights, providing more usable light output, without causing any glare.

To get the look you’re after, our H11-size SLF LED Fog Light Bulbs are available in a fresh 6000K cool white, and a truly unique 3000K pure yellow. 

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SL1 LED Fog Light Bulbs

SL1: Available in a 6000K cool white color, our H11-size SL1 LED Fog Lights provide a whopping 1630 tested lumens, making them one of the brightest LED fog lights available for the +61404532026 Grand Cherokee! Much like the SLF, the SL1 matches the factory halogen bulb’s filament location, combining focused output with a huge increase in brightness. The result is significantly more visibility at night!

There’s no shortage of imported LED fog lights claiming to be the brightest. However, most of these bulbs haven’t actually proven how bright they are! To ensure accuracy, we’ve verified the SLF and SL1’s light output in our St. Louis laboratory. Because our bulb’s light output is proven and not a crude estimation, we can confidently say they are some of the brightest LED fog lights on the market!

Installing LED fog light in your +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokees only requires basic hand tools!

Diode Dynamics Switchback LED Halos

The perfect combination of style and functionality, our Switchback LED Halos are one of the most popular +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee mods ever. With over 500 LED chips per headlight, dual-color halos are the brightest on the market, period! The 6000K pure white running light alternates with a brilliant amber flasher when using your turn signals or hazards for a truly unique look.  

Because our Switchback LED Halos require opening your Grand Cherokee’s headlights to install, we recommend working with a professional installer. You can check out all the authorized installers in your area through our Dealer Locator tool !

Dual-color LED halos for your +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

Diode Dynamics Backup Light LED Bulbs

Unlike most vehicles, the +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee utilizes four incandescent backup light bulbs–two 921-size bulbs located on the liftgate and two 7443-size bulbs in the tail light assemblies. With double the number of backup lights, this means installing our LED replacements results in a dramatic upgrade in rear-facing visibility! Designed to be some of the brightest, most reliable reverse lights on the market, our 921 and 7443-size LED Backup Light Bulbs make reversing your +61404532026 Jeep grand Cherokee easier and safer.

Available in your choice of two brightness levels, our LED Backup Light Bulbs are a drop-in upgrade for the +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Our brightest option, the Stage 2 Kit, provides a whopping 920 lab-tested lumens of backup light!

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Diode Dynamics Rear Turn Signal LED Bulbs

Replacing your +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee ’s rear turn signal bulbs with Diode Dynamics LEDs is easier than you might think! These 3157-size LED turn signal bulbs fit directly in place of the stock halogen bulbs, but provide much more light. Our brightest LED turn signal bulb , the XP80, provides a whopping 510 lumens of measured output!

With these installed, your Jeep Grand Cherokee will be much easier to see when turning or using your hazards at night. As with all Diode Dynamics LED lighting upgrades, our rear turn signal bulbs are engineered in-house using the best components available. As with our LED Front Turn Signal Bulbs , our Resistor Kit is the #1 solution to correct hyperflashing. 

Install LED rear turn signal bulbs in your +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee in minutes!


  • Fits all 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokees

  • Fits all trim levels including: 70th Anniversary, 70th Anniversary 4WD, 75th Anniversary Edition, 75th Anniversary Edition 4WD, Alpine 4WD, Altitude, Altitude 4WD, Altitude RWD, High Altitude, High Altitude 4WD, Laredo, Laredo 4WD, Laredo 75th Anniversary, Laredo 75th Anniversary 4WD, Laredo E, Laredo E 4WD, Laredo E RWD, Laredo RWD, Laredo X, Laredo X 4WD, Limited, Limited 4WD, Limited 75th Anniversary, Limited 75th Anniversary 4WD, Overland, Overland 4WD, Overland RWD, Overland Summit 4WD, SRT 4WD, SRT Night 4WD, SRT Red Vapor Edition 4WD, SRT8, Sterling Edition 4WD, Summit, Summit 4WD, Trackhawk 4WD, and Trailhawk 4WD

All Diode Dynamics LED lighting upgrades are backed 3-year worry-free warranty, and proudly engineered in St. Louis! Want to check out more LED lighting upgrades for your +61404532026 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Click here!