What is this extra light on my headlights?

what is the light above a headlight called

I own a 2006 Mazda 6 Luxury Sport in Australia, and the front headlights have 4 lights on them:


It also has a fog light, which is not featured in this photo (but will be visible in later photos).

I cannot work out what one of the lights does (second from the left). The following 4 photos show the car with various lights on, explained below:

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  1. Parking lights on: you can kinda see the small light on the big globe on, as well as the fog light
  2. Headlights on: you can see all of the above lights on, plus the full headlight on the right-hand side
  3. High beams: you can see all of the above, plus the large globe on (well, admittedly you can’t really see the small light on)
  4. High beams + indicator: you can see all of the above, plus the indicator on

In none of the above can you see the second light from the left on. It is also possible to turn the fog light off (it’s worth noting that in the picture shown, I have the fog light on, but that can be switched off which results in the light being off, as shown):

Looking through the Owners manual (pdf link) section 8-43, there is no light shed on the situation:

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What is the light, second from the left, for? I have tried Googling results, but all I can find is about purchasing after-market headlights for the car.

I have tried to determine if there is even a light there, but I’m not that mechanically skilled. To the best of my knowledge, the luxury sport model is the top-model Mazda6 (although arguably the MPS is) so should contain all the bells and whistles. [external_footer]