What is your method of motorcycle helmet storage?

What is your method of motorcycle helmet storage?

what is your method of motorcycle helmet storage?

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millions of people ride motorcycles, and most wear helmets.

motorcycle helmet storage can take on many different forms, from hanging it on the handlebars to storing them in a padded bag inside of a cabinet.there are many different option available for in your enclosed trailer, your garage, or your storage facility.

a helmet hook is about as basic as you can get, but serves its purpose very well.

a helmet hook is just as it sounds, a hook that you fasten to the wall in your trailer or garage and hang your helmet on it.

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ok, i know what you are thinking.why not just drive a nail in the wall and use that? well, here is why. a helmet hook is designed out of .090 thick smooth aluminum with special bent and welded construction that doesn’t damage the inside of your helmet and includes a retaining plate to help prevent your helmet from falling off. with the amount of money most of us spend to protect our heads, you don’t want a rusty old nail tearing the inside of your helmet up – do you?

helmet hooks are available in single and double hook versions and also provide you with a professional looking solution to hang your helmets up.


helmet bays are a great alternative to using a helmet hook, even though they are quite a bit broader they also provide much more than just a place to store your helmet. a helmet bay is similar to a shelf with sides that you mount to the wall and place your helmet in. it has sides to contain your helmet while transporting your trailer, or just added insurance that your helmet stays put in your garage.but, the helmet bay goes beyond just giving you a place to store your helmet. with a full width storage tray built into the front it also provides you with a place to keep your gloves, goggles, glasses and more with your helmet!

but wait, there’s more!

a helmet bay also has a designed in hanging rack where you can keep your riding clothes when not in use or your street clothes while you are off riding! helmet bays are available from a single to a four place so you can have room for your other riding partners gear as well. each bigger size helmet bay includes dividers to keep your helmets separated during transport. as the size increases so does the front shelf width, and there is an added hanging rack for each helmet slot.

 what is your method of motorcycle helmet storage?

a deluxe helmet bay just steps it up a notch. similar to a helmet bay, it still includes the storage tray, the hanging rack but now you also get a large bottom compartment that will work great for your boots and shoes! how nice will it be to get all of your riding stuff up and off the floor and in one place!


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now that you are thinking what else could the possible be, here we go again!

if you happen to be that person who likes the clean look of a cabinet where you can store you stuff inside you need to check this one out! a deluxe helmet cabinet gives you all that we have been talking about with helmet bays with doors! now you have the helmets and glove shelf behind closed doors, the added hanging racks on the bottom and your boots and shoes go in a tray on the top!


which one do you like the best?

for those who want everything behind closed doors, how about a locker? now you can put your helmet and all of your gear inside and close the door to make it all disappear! pit products lockers are available in three different sizes to suit your needs, and can be customized for any special applications.


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