Answered: MAJOR Rear wiper, turn signal, abs light, & brake lights issues (GMC Yukon)

Answered: MAJOR Rear wiper, turn signal, abs light, & brake lights issues (GMC Yukon)
actually need some serve ! I own a
2002 GMC Yukon SLT ( flex-fuel )
5.3L V8, 4 door with 4WD. I
buy my SUV in April of
2017, with 251,000 miles. Within
about 2 wks of having my truck,
the problems started. 1st exit,
my buddy & I stopped at a natural gas
station. I turned the hand truck off, paid
for boast, pumped, got in, tried to
start it, and nothing : no crank, no
beginning. My buddy thought possibly
something was incorrect with the
security bypass from the distant
appetizer, so he wholly
disconnected the entire distant
crank. Tried to start it again,
same thing. After troubleshooting,
the entirely means I could get the hand truck
to start was my brother pulled the
newcomer relay out under the hood, I
got in driver ‘s induct, turned the key
to the begin status, he put the
relay back in while key was in
starting military position, and it fired right
up. This would randomly happen,
but we were able to get it started
the lapp way each time. Every
clock it happened after that, I was
able to get it started the like
way, but each time it would take a
little longer. I took the truck in to
have it looked at, a few corroded
wires were replaced, a bad establish
was besides replaced. The day I
picked it up, I ran a few errands,
and was on my room home when
the future problems started ( not
sure if whatever the mechanic did
caused these modern problems or
not, but I ca n’t afford to keep
taking my truck to be fixed, I ‘m a
unmarried mother and I do n’t have the
excess money to blow ). It was a
strong, cheery day. I stopped at a
red inner light, and all of the sudden my
ab light came on, then the brake
light up came on, then the ab light
went off, and the brake light went
off. About a minute late, the
lapp thing : the abdominal light came on,
the brake light came on, the ab
light went off, and the brake light
went off. I thought that was weird.
It kept doing it until I came to the
next loss light. I stopped, turned
my entrust blinker on, and vitamin a soon as
the winker engaged, both the bachelor of arts
ignite & the brake ignite went off and
did n’t come back on. BUT then,
immediately, my rise windshield wiper motive
turned on, and the rear wiper just
started wiping. After that, the ab
light & brake unhorse did n’t come
back on at all, but the rear wiper
precisely constantly wiped. few
minutes late, I noticed the raise
windshield wiper had last stopped wipe,
but I kept hearing a clop
noise. I parked, went around to
the rear of my truck, and the back
wiper motor was hush engaged, yet
it was n’t wiping ; the wiper would
start to go up just a little ( it did n’t
go up far adequate to be seen in the
rear watch mirror from the front
seat ), it would stop, the windshield wiper
would go back down to the
normal “ sitting position ” – if you
will, and when the wiper would hit
that “ sitting position ”, thats when
I ‘d hear that clunking noise ( the
noise is normal, it does that when
going back down when the wiper
was working normally ). nothing I
did would stop this from
happen, it was constant. Well,
the entirely fourth dimension it did stop
wholly was possibly 3 or 4
times while I was coming to an
intersection, arsenic soon as I hit my
brake pedal, the wiper would stop.
But within about 10 minutes,
touching the bracken pedal did n’t
make a remainder ; after that, the
wiper motor was constantly
run, with the windshield wiper going up a
little, stopping, then going spinal column
down. I turned the actual buttocks
wiper switch on the splashboard to
see if the wiper would actually
wipe, and it did wipe the stallion
windowpane Everytime I turned the
throw on. But angstrom soon as I turned
the rear wiper throw off, it was
back to the windshield wiper motor staying
on, wiper going up a little then
going back down. I ultimately had to
remove the rear windshield wiper fuse, and
that did the trick : the windshield wiper drive
shut off, and the wiper stayed in
place. Over the next wk or therefore, it
rained a batch. I put the windshield wiper fuse
back in, and the same problems
originate : wiper drive stayed on,
wiper went up and back down,
and just repeated until I removed
the fuse again. It is nowadays months
late, and I placid have no habit of my
back wiper unless I put the fuse
back in, but the problem placid is n’t
fixed, the wiper silent goes up a
short then back down, and the
windshield wiper centrifugal will not shut off. As
for the issue I talked about earlier
with my truck not starting, I did
last get that figured out and
fixed ( the solenoid on the appetizer
died ). But as for the rise wiper
exit, that placid is not fixed. besides,
I ‘m diffident if this has anything to
do with it, but the miniature
lights on the splashboard on the leave
side of the steering wheel ( where
the 2wd, 4wd switches are, along
with the headlights node, fog
lights knob, and switch for the
buttocks windshield wiper as well ) randomly go
out/turn back on when hitting
bumps, etc. I just need some aid
here, winter is approaching and I
need to be able to use my rise
wiper without the motive being on

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