Top Reasons Your Car Isn’t Starting

Top Reasons Your Car Isn't Starting
You jump in the cable car to meet your supporter for chocolate, desperate for your good morning caffeine boost. You turn the key, only to discover that your trustworthy ride won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate turn over. You try a few more times, but nothing happens. What ’ second going on ? There are hundreds of reasons why your car might not be starting, but a handful of usual offenders. Read on to see if your car might be suffering from one of these problems, and how you may be able to get it solved in time to silent grab coffee bean !

Low/Empty Gas Tank

Don ’ t be embarrassed. You ’ re not the first driver to unintentionally let your accelerator level get excessively moo. If you ’ re person who likes to drive until your gas gauge is securely on E, that might be the argue your car won ’ t start. While it ’ randomness inconvenient, it ’ s a identical fixable problem. Catch a ride to your nearest gas place and pick up a can of gas. following time, try not to let it get quite so low, specially during the winter. When your car sits outdoors in the cold winter weather, the air out in your gasoline tank could actually moisten and freeze .
“ The more gas in the tank car, the less air—and less find of ice form inside where it could get into fuel lines and induce trouble, ” says AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair on CNN Money .

Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter in your vehicle helps to keep your fuel lines clear, blocking dirt and other debris from getting into it. When the trickle becomes clogged, it can cause a assortment of problems, including a car that won ’ metric ton begin. To fix this, you ’ ll need to change the fuel trickle, a process that varies across vehicles. Check your owner ’ south manual of arms to determine where your percolate is located and how to go about replacing it. Make certain to replace your fuel trickle about every 12 months or 12,000 miles. One way to avoid this exit in the future is to stay on exceed of your regularly scheduled oil changes. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we inspect all of your vehicle ‘s authoritative filters during a full-service oil variety. If your fuel percolate is on the verge of clogging up, we ‘ll let you know.

Broken Starter

When you ’ rhenium car won ’ metric ton begin, it only makes sense that there could be a problem with the starter. The starter is a small centrifugal, powered by the battery, that gets the engine running. One of the symptoms of a break starter is a clicking make noise when you turn your keystone. Jumping the car can sometimes get your car move, but it ’ s not a certainty. To wholly fix the problem, you ’ ll necessitate to have your crank repaired or replaced.

Dead Battery

This is the most coarse reason that a car won ’ triiodothyronine get down, and it ’ s particularly park after a hanker, hot summer. Higher temperatures put increased strain on your battery, and a worn out battery can give out soon after the season ends. If you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens—no lights or “ dings ” or anything—then you have a dead battery. To get your car moving and headed in the direction of your nearest firestone complete Auto Care, you ’ ll indigence to jump it .

Bad Ignition Switch

You might not have to look very far to find the source of this trouble. sometimes the ignition substitution ( where you insert your key ) can actually malfunction. When you turn your key, the ignition switch sends a signal to start the locomotive. If you have a bad ignition substitution, the locomotive won ’ metric ton get the message. While you can replace your ignition switch on your own, it is typically a difficult procedure—purposely made that way to prevent larceny. Check your owner ’ sulfur manual to learn more about how your ignition switch is removed and replaced .
If your cable car won ’ thyroxine startle, chances are it ’ randomness thanks to one of these five problems. While a flying fix might get you back on the road, let the experts at Firestone Complete Auto Care handle the repairs that will be your long-run solution. Whether a dead battery or a broken newcomer is to blame, you can trust the knowledgeable technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care to fix the trouble and to fix it right the first time. Head to your nearest location today for a refilling car barrage or repair ( and feel rid to bring your caffe latte ) !

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